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The monitor serverΒΆ

If you want to monitor a linux server health during the bench, you have to run a monitor xmlrpc server on the target server, this requires to install a minimal FunkLoad package, on Debian/Ubunutu

sudo aptitude install python-dev python-setuptools \
   python-webunit python-docutils
sudo easy_install -f -U funkload

Then create a configuration file monitor.conf:

host = <IP or FQDN>
port = 8008
interval = .5
interface = eth0
host = <IP or FQDN>
port = 8008

And start the monitor server:

fl-monitor-ctl monitor.conf start

On the bench server add to your test configuration file the following section:

hosts = <IP or FQDN>

[<IP or FQDN>]
description = The application server
port = 8008

or if you need to have multiple ports for the same IP, for instance if you are using ssh tunneling:

hosts = monitor1

host = <IP or FQDN>
description = The application server
port = 8008

Then run the bench, the report will include server stats.

Note that you can monitor multiple hosts and that the monitor is linux specific.

A new contribution will be added in 1.16 to extend the monitoring, it will enable to use Nagios or Munin plugins.