Report builder fl-build-report usage

fl-build-report [options] xmlfile [xmlfile...]


fl-build-report –diff REPORT_PATH1 REPORT_PATH2

fl-build-report analyze a FunkLoad bench xml result file and output a report. If there are more than one file the xml results are merged.

See for more information.


fl-build-report funkload.xml
ReST rendering into stdout.
fl-build-report –html -o /tmp funkload.xml
Build an HTML report in /tmp
fl-build-report –html node1.xml node2.xml node3.xml
Build an HTML report merging test result from 3 nodes.
fl-build-report –diff /tmp/test_reader-20080101 /tmp/test_reader-20080102
Build a differential report to compare 2 bench reports, requires gnuplot.
fl-build-report -h
More options.


--version show program’s version number and exit
--help, -h show this help message and exit
--html, -H Produce an html report.
--with-percentiles, -P
 Include percentiles in tables, use 10%, 50% and 90% for charts, default option.
 No percentiles in tables display min, avg and max in charts (gdchart only).
--diff, -d Create differential report.
--output-directory=OUTPUT_DIR, -o OUTPUT_DIR
 Parent directory to store reports, the directoryname of the report will be generated automatically.
--report-directory=REPORT_DIR, -r REPORT_DIR
 Directory name to store the report.
--apdex-T=APDEX_T, -T APDEX_T
 Apdex T constant in second, default is set to 1.5s. Visit for more information.