Recorder fl-record usage

fl-record [options] [test_name]

fl-record launch a TCPWatch proxy and record activities, then output a FunkLoad script or generates a FunkLoad unit test if test_name is specified.

The default proxy port is 8090.

Note that tcpwatch-httpproxy or executable must be accessible from your env.

See for more information.


fl-record foo_bar
Run a proxy and create a FunkLoad test case, generates and FooBar.conf file. To test it: fl-run-test -dV
fl-record -p 9090
Run a proxy on port 9090, output script to stdout.
fl-record -i /tmp/tcpwatch
Convert a tcpwatch capture into a script.


--version show program’s version number and exit
--help, -h show this help message and exit
--verbose, -v Verbose output
--port=PORT, -p PORT
 The proxy port.
--tcp-watch-input=TCPWATCH_PATH, -i TCPWATCH_PATH
 Path to an existing tcpwatch capture.
--loop=LOOP, -l LOOP
 Loop mode.