Test runner fl-run-test usage

fl-run-test [options] file [class.method|class|suite] [...]

fl-run-test launch a FunkLoad unit test.

A FunkLoad unittest uses a configuration file named [class].conf, this configuration is overriden by the command line options.

See http://funkload.nuxeo.org/ for more information.


fl-run-test myFile.py
Run all tests.
fl-run-test myFile.py test_suite
Run suite named test_suite.
fl-run-test myFile.py MyTestCase.testSomething
Run a single test MyTestCase.testSomething.
fl-run-test myFile.py MyTestCase
Run all ‘test*’ test methods in MyTestCase.
fl-run-test myFile.py MyTestCase -u http://localhost
Same against localhost.
fl-run-test –doctest myDocTest.txt
Run doctest from plain text file (requires python2.4).
fl-run-test –doctest -d myDocTest.txt
Run doctest with debug output (requires python2.4).
fl-run-test myfile.py -V
Run default set of tests and view in real time each page fetch with firefox.
fl-run-test myfile.py MyTestCase.testSomething -l 3 -n 100
Run MyTestCase.testSomething, reload one hundred time the page 3 without concurrency and as fast as possible. Output response time stats. You can loop on many pages using slice -l 2:4.
fl-run-test myFile.py -e [Ss]ome
Run all tests that match the regex [Ss]ome.
fl-run-test myFile.py -e ‘!xmlrpc$’
Run all tests that does not ends with xmlrpc.
fl-run-test myFile.py –list
List all the test names.
fl-run-test -h
More options.


--version show program’s version number and exit
--help, -h show this help message and exit
 Path to alternative config location. Otherwise the configuration file is expected to be named after test case class, located either next to test module or path defined by environment variable FL_CONF_PATH
--quiet, -q Minimal output.
--verbose, -v Verbose output.
--debug, -d FunkLoad and doctest debug output.
 Debug level 3 is more verbose.
 Base URL to bench without ending ‘/’.
 Minumum sleep time between request.
 Maximum sleep time between request.
 Directory to dump html pages.
--firefox-view, -V
 Real time view using firefox, you must have a running instance of firefox in the same host.
--no-color Monochrome output.
--loop-on-pages=LOOP_STEPS, -l LOOP_STEPS
 Loop as fast as possible without concurrency on pages, expect a page number or a slice like 3:5. Output some statistics.
--loop-number=LOOP_NUMBER, -n LOOP_NUMBER
 Number of loop.
 Do not fail if css/image links are not reachable.
--simple-fetch Don’t load additional links like css or images when fetching an html page.
--stop-on-fail Stop tests on first failure or error.
--regex=REGEX, -e REGEX
 The test names must match the regex.
--list Just list the test names.
--doctest Check for a doc test.
--pause Pause between request, press ENTER to continue.